Hi Again! DNF’d Books, Graphics, and Other Things

Reviving my blog? In this economy? More likely than you think!

This post might be a little ramble-y so bear with me!

Well… a lot has happened since I last updated this blog. Like a lot.

*stares in global pandemic*

On the bright side, I thought, all this extra time at home would give me more space to read all of the books I have waiting on my TBR shelf.

Yeah, no.

Starting books isn’t the problem, it’s finishing them. In the last two weeks, I’ve gotten better at it but my bedside table is full of half finished books. Right now, I have The Beautiful, The Worst Best Man, Running, and A Taste of Sage all waiting for me to hurry the fuck up with whatever is currently holding my attention.

Currently Reading

I’m currently reading Potiki by Patricia Grace and finishing up You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Davila. Both are beautiful books, but very different in terms of themes and prose.

My copy of You Had Me At Hola is an ARC, but this book is so precious. It’s a romance and follows two Latinx actors cast as love interests as they try to fight their feelings for one another. It’s addictive to read and insanely funny. I would love to see it adapted one day for the silver screen! Plus that cover is STUNNING.

Potiki on the other hand follows a Māori community off the coast of New Zealand as they fight against a land developer who wants to gentrify their land and turn it into a mulitplex of new buildings, including a new zoo. I am trying to read more books written by Polynesian and Pacific Islander authors because that is a definite gap in my reading. I’m still in the first half of this book, but I’m really loving how Grace really dives into description and detail. She focuses on the minute, micro, elements and that really helps create depth into the world of Potiki.


Over the last month or so, there’s been an trend of making Netflix mock ups for popular books over on Twitter. Naturally, I had to join the fun and I made a couple for some of my favorite books: Gods of Jade and Shadow + Mexican Gothic. I made them all on Photoshop! (but if anyone wants a tutorial I’d be down to make a step by step guide, if interested.)

Other Things I Did In April and the Start of May

  • Read a couple of amazing reads, I talked about them on Youtube.
  • Read Chanel Miller’s amazing memoir KNOW MY NAME for the first day of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Incredibly powerful and moving. Her writing is stunning and I couldn’t stop reading it from page one.
  • Went down an Edgar Allen Poe wikipedia rabbit hole and was reminded on how weird it was that he MARRIED HIS CHILD BRIDE COUSIN.
  • Caught up with a lot of fun and informative panels at the Social Distance Book Fest! The middle grade panel was really great to watch and I loved hearing from allll the authors!
  • Watched a bunch of shows and movies, catch me talking about them on Letterboxd.
  • I finished my first TV pilot screenplay! Probably going nowhere but I am so proud that I actually finished it lol. It’s part light satire on classic teen telenovelas and part Broad City but Latinx.

Anyways, yeah! My next post will probably be more normal but I thought I should do a little catch up pst before diving straight back into reviews and stuff.


4 thoughts on “Hi Again! DNF’d Books, Graphics, and Other Things”

  1. Same! I can start books like nobody’s business but at this point, I don’t even know if you could pay me to finish them. You Had Me At Hola is going to be a great one, I just know it! Loved this post 🙂


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